South Asia

Nepal: The Issues and the Way Forward

Unfortunately, at this very time, the Madhesi people (people from the plains in southern Nepal) have launched a separate campaign from January 2007 demanding greater autonomy for the plains, which are evidently, the most prosperous agricultural and industrial locale in the country.

When will India take its place?

The domestic and external agendas that India needs to address are formidable. Nevertheless, they are not beyond the reach of its policy establishment. However, until it fashions clear-cut strategies to meet the challenges ahead, any jubilation about India as the next Asian power is downright premature. 

Hu's African safari stings US, India

As much as China denies strategic competition and rivalry in the Indian Ocean littoral, it unfortunately indulges in them. India has no choice but to heed Nehru's prophetic words or accept death by strangulation - made possible, by a string of pearls. 

Indian Diplomacy's Russian Ballast

If India is the second wing to keep Southeast Asia aloft, Russia is the second wing that balances Indian foreign policy. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Leftist allies cannot now accuse him of being too pro-American.

An Unlikely Comparison: Taiwan and Bangladesh

It is unfortunate that scholars of South and East Asia rarely, if ever, find occasion to engage each other's work. As a consequence, they miss important opportunities for comparison and thereby fail to leaven their work from insights that can be derived from careful cross-national comparisons.

India's flawed Myanmar policy

It is high time India rethinks its ties with Myanmar. For a decade New Delhi has been eargerly courting the junta, turning from critic to supporter, encouraging Indian firms to invest while supplying weapons on easy terms. In return, it has precious little to show.

Bangladeshi Politics on Tenterhooks

An end may be in sight to the latest political turmoil in Bangladesh, sparked off by demands made by the Awani League (AL)-led coalition of 14 parties to hold the next elections in a free and fair manner under a neutral caretaker government.

No Map in Sight: The India-China Boundary Dispute

President Hu Jintao's visit to India is the latest in a continuing series of high-level political exchanges between both countries. However, despite prolonged negotiations at the political level to resolve outstanding territorial and boundary disputes, there has been little progress over this issue.

Chittagong: A Pirate's Paradise

The International Maritime Bureau has labeled Chittagong port in Bangladesh as the "most dangerous port in the world" with 33 incidents of piracy (22 actual and 11 attempted) in the first nine months of 2006.

A Conspiracy of Silence

In the aftermath of the North Korean nuclear test, there has been much commentary in the Western press about the country's involvement in clandestine missile transfer technology. Curiously, virtually no commentators have drawn attention to another country Pakistan, that had a robust but covert proliferation link with North Korea. 

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