Asia and The World

APEC is Russia's option in Asia and the Pacific

Vladimir Putin | 16 Nov 2020

In the 17 years since the creation of APEC, it has become one of the most representative and prestigious organisations to promote integration in the Asia-Pacific. Today, APEC members comprise the world's most developed economic zone, and Russia predicts that APEC will become even stronger.

What Asia can learn from Europe

Rod Severino | 15 Nov 2020

A geographic monolith that combines Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Korea is fast becoming an important strategic reality that cannot be ignored. The nature of this developing entity remains uncertain, the extent of its integration undetermined, but its looming shape is provoking uneasiness elsewhere in the world.

On a Wing and a Prayer: Reviving the Doha Round

K Kesavapany | 01 Nov 2020

With the WTO at the crossroads, the goal of free trade through a multilateral mechanism appears to be a receding dream. While large and middle income countries can still secure some quick short-term gains from preferential and free trade agreements, the biggest losers will be the low-income and least-developed countries. 

Join the Dots: Asia's Democracies are Imperfect, but Necessary

Michael Vatikiotis | 09 Oct 2020

If you join the dots on Asia's contemporary political map, the emerging pattern is one of rising popular concern about corruption and honesty. People are willing to short circuit the legal process, even at the risk of their freedom, to remove bad or divisive leaders. 

New Economics favour China and India

One of the fundamental laws of economics has been turned upside down. For two decades, conventional wisdom had it that the law of scarcity reigned supreme. This has been replaced by the "law of abundance", explaining a good deal of what has puzzled economists for the last 15 years - high growth, low inflation and high productivity, at the same time, and over a long period. 

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