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Reject the Bad, Protect the Good: New strategies to combat terrorism

S.P. Harish | 28 Feb 2020

In the ideological fight against terrorism, there has been marked shift in the strategy of many Western countries. Before this, Islam and terrorism were carelessly conflated.

Testing the Australia-US alliance

Andrew Symon | 23 Feb 2020

The debate in Australia over Canberra's alliance with Washington will almost certainly be intensified this week by the visit down under of US Vice-President Dick Cheney. Australian critics have argued that Howard's relationship with Bush has resulted the latter taking a partisan position not in Australia's national interest.

Emerging Contours of Asian Naval Power

Vijay Sakhuja | 05 Feb 2020

The final months of 2006 witnessed two significant developments that are likely to shape the future of the Southeast Asian maritime security environment.

China's Anti-Satellite Test: No News is Bad News

Frank Ching | 30 Jan 2020

A full week after the test on January 12, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Liu Jianchao, still professed ignorance about the weapons test. If a convincing explanation is not forthcoming soon, Beijing may find that it has to pay a high price here on earth for its success in space. 

The New Asian Drama: Globalisation and Trade Policy in Asia

Razeen Sally | 26 Jan 2020

The global climate for further liberalisation is worse now compared to the heyday of the "Washington Consensus" in the 1980s and 90s. Reforms have not been reversed, but their forward momentum has slowed. This is true of the West, and of most developing-country regions. 

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