North Asia

Who is Shinzo Abe?

Shinzo Abe, the scion of a political dynasty, and Japan's youngest leader to date, will pursue the agenda of a strong and powerful Japan that seeks to influence the region. Under his leadership, the world can expect an assertive Japan that is unlikely to see its military past as a hindrance in its desire to play a greater international role. 

Managing the Rise of a "Normal" Japan

In light of the geopolitical realities in East Asia, Japan's friends and allies need to engage Tokyo at all levels and help ease its transition to a "normal" power that can exercise a bigger role in world affairs in a manner that is acceptable to the international community.

The toothless Missile Control Regime

Ballistic missiles, fired in an arc-like trajectory by powerful rockets, can strike targets anywhere from a few hundred kilometers away, to many thousands of kilometres on the other side of the world. Yet, controls on their development are far from universal and this is making it difficult to curb the activities of nations like North Korea and Iran that regard possession of missiles with ever longer ranges as a key military and political weapon. 

Of Missiles and Money: The North Korean Quagmire

The United States has been applying an unprecedented financial squeeze on North Korea to disrupt what the Bush administration says is an array of illicit manufacturing and trading activity that helps to pay for Pyongyang's weapons of mass destruction and the ballistic missiles to carry them.

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