East Asia

Raising the Roof: Taiwan pitches the UN

In the end, all this posturing about the United Nations is only meant to influence the outcome of the elections next year. The US knows this too but does not want Taiwan to hold the referendum simply because it knows China will be angered.

In China: Moving beyond Low-cost Labour

While "Made in China" labels were previously considered to be synonomous with cheap quality products, China's fastest growing export sectors in 2006 were shipbuilding, aerospace maintenance, integrated circuits, car and car parts, electrical machinery and telecommunication equipment.

Changing Mindsets: Central-Local challenges to public service in China

Attempts to find an equitable balance of key performance indicators to judge civil servants will represent a significant public-sector for China in the years ahead. The new found lust for capitalism and economic growth continues to represent the bandwagon to ride on, not jump off.  

China and America on the Environment: You first?

China's situation is unusual because a substantial portion of its emissions result from its production of goods that are supplied to developed countries. In any accounting, a portion of China's emissions should be assigned to these countries, thereby reducing China's burden on cutting back emissions.

China: The Income Gap is the Medication, not the Disease

In leaving egalitarianism behind, China under Deng Xiaopeng and his followers also gave up on ideology as the uniting and modernising factor in national renewal. Instead, these pragmatists decided to press for economic wealth as motivation and the pursuit of money as the glue that would hold the country together.

Few Friends and Few Allies: Taiwan in the WHO

Taiwan's application for WHO membership never stood a chance. The health body's constitution stipulates that only sovereign states can be members, and Taiwan is not recognised as a sovereign state by the vast majority of WHO member states.

New Energy projects help China reduce its 'Malacca Dilemma'

Developments over the past six weeks have been a boon to China in its on-going efforts to resolve a major strategic headache - reducing its dependence on energy supplies through the Malacca Strait, an issue dubbed by the Chinese media as the country's "Malacca Dilemma".

The East Asian Community as an Ideal

The inauguration of the East Asia Summit (EAS), inclusive of Australia, India and New Zealand in December 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, has taken the construct of East Asia outside its geographical boundaries. In fact, East Asia Community building has been intensified in a more ambitious and grandiose way than originally conceived.

Food travails from a bustling China

But China, as can be imagined, has had great difficulty in growing so rapidly that is trying its best to cope with all the problems associated with modernisation and globalisation. The Chinese are doing their best to put institutions and personnel in place but it is only natural that mistakes will occur.

Nationalism or Integration: A US role for an Asian choice?

The strategic landscape that covers Asia today reveals a vast region that is divided between regional integration and rising nationalism. The outcome of this confrontation between two diametrically opposing trends may well determine whether Asia turns into a stable and prosperous region or slides down the road towards conflict and strife.

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