Submission Guidelines

Opinion Asia considers any article that provides analysis on Asia, be it as a region, on a specific country or a specific issue. The common thread that binds our pieces are our writers, who comment authoritatively on developments from the Middle East to East Asia, Northeast Asia to South and Southeast Asia.

We do not have a specific editorial policy and we welcome a diversity of opinion.

We do not entertain articles that are being considered by other publications, and insist on exclusivity. When the editorial team has accepted an article, the writer surrenders his/her copyright to Opinion Asia for a period of one month from the moment the article appears online.

In the event the article is republished elsewhere after one month, the article in question must include a clear one-liner indicating that it first appeared on Opinion Asia.

Contributions should typically be between 750-1000 words, with a short abstract provided by the writer. It is unlikely longer submissions will be entertained although we are prepared to bend the rules if the contribution warrants it. We will seek the writer's permission if substantive changes are made to any submission.

We pay a reasonable honorarium for articles that are published by our member papers.

We are prompt in responding to writers. If there is a delay for whatever reason, it is likely to be because your article is under consideration.

All contributions should be sent to with the writer's name, designation, postal and email addresses, and a telephone number.