About Us

Opinion Asia is a commentary syndicate that carries analysis written by distinguished personalities and specialists, who have a sense of the workings and on-goings in the countries that make up Asia.

Covering relevant and time sensitive observations on trends and developments from East Asia to Southeast Asia and West Asia to South Asia, Opinion Asia provides in-depth analysis on the Asian issues of today and tomorrow.

Reinforced by synergies created by the confluence of the Internet and the traditional media, Opinion Asia is positioned as an opinion shaper and a magnet for intellectual capital on issues that make headlines in Asia.

Opinion Asia serves to:
  • Increase the readership of commentaries on Asian issues worldwide;
  • Provide newspapers with a one-stop facility for commentary and analysis on Asia;
  • Create a platform that benefits specialist writers on Asia who seek a worldwide audience; and
  • Trace the character and shape of the issues that impact societies in Asia.
Why Opinion Asia?

Asia is buzzing, moving, changing: history is being remade as ancient Asian civilizations re-awaken to the impetus of reforms, foreign investments and renewed energies to seize the resultant opportunities. Also remarkable are the synergies drawn from the Asian locomotive economies: Japan, China, India, Korea and ASEAN, each sparking off economic dynamism along regional chains of production, logistics, trade, travel and communications.

Through serendipity, several factors are coming together simultaneously: the rise of a new generation of Asian youth, hungry to move ahead; the arrival of a sizeable Asian middle class with spending power; new connectivity based on budget airlines, the spread of mobile phones; and cheap mass-tourism, at a time of regional peace and stability. All over Asia, there is growing recognition of the increasing interdependence between countries in the region as well as an increasing awareness of being Asian, a pride of identity apparently based on economic growth and cultural revival. Examples include the mass-appeal of Korean and Japanese pop, Bollywood movies, Chinese films and Asian business icons.

Asia's new confidence and a sense of shared destiny was forged during tough times. The headline-grabbing financial crisis in 1997 helped cultivate the need for mutual meaningful multilateral cooperation. Contributing to a greater sense of community as well have been non-traditional security threats like international terrorism, environmental pollution and contagious diseases like SARS and avian flu. New patterns of cooperation were established after natural disasters like the December 2004 tsunami. But perhaps the greatest catalyst for Asian confidence has come from the rise of China and India and the economic recovery of Japan from its 1990s slump. These huge economies by their sheer scale of supply and demand have transformed Asia's economic parameters.

Asians have responded to these historic challenges by creating new collaborative initiatives. The first few years of the 21st century have seen a burgeoning of new groupings within the region, reflecting the growth of intra-regional trade and cooperation, but also new power relationships.

Continental Asia continues to be of significance, with the Middle East and the Central Asian republics playing a vital role in the foreign policy calculus of many Asian states. This can be observed especially with regard to energy security and more recently, the economic attractiveness of the Gulf region in particular, to say nothing of the ubiquitous significance of the stalled Middle East peace process.

Yet, for all this vibrancy, something is missing. Asia's resurgence is generating ideas and views about the region and the wider world, but there's a real need for connectivity: a platform showcasing writers on Asia, and stimulating debate.

This is what Opinion Asia sets out to do. Opinion Asia is envisioned as a clearing-house that hosts commentaries from individual writers. Reinforced by synergies created by the confluence of the Internet and the traditional media, Opinion Asia aims to be an opinion shaper and a magnet for intellectual capital on issues that make headlines in Asia.